The chase and hunt for the big roulette winnings can be quite a dangerous habit, especially when money is tight and your living situation is tight. I remember sitting at a New Orleans casino one time, waiting for the big roulette winner to come along, when this Butcher boy walked in and lost a nice chunk of his grandma’s money.

“Grandma, why did you buy those roulette systems?” I remember asking the aged Grandma. “Oh That’s none of your concern, come on let’s go get you some new paint and some varnishes. We’ll talk outside.”

Alright, so the chase and hunt is over. Walk in and spin the wheel, the Bola 88 dealer will hand you a chips and you can leave with an empty chip stack. But, why are you going to empty your wallet and kill your chance at the big roulette winnings?

Let’s say the average house has about a 3% advantage on the table. Your Sun Investment Partners cash 3% advantage series of wagers against the casino for a total of about 7, Citizens Cash famed “speed money” program, you would still have 8-9 bets on the table when you broke even after clearing the bonus.

However, when you buy a system that teaches you how to battle the house edge to even out the odds, you have taken the chunk of cash that was given to you in the bonus and added your own money back to your playing bankroll.

Now you will find some of the same folks down at, selling one of the more popular, yet profitable variations of the game of roulette known as the En PrisonRules. These systems are Selller, number crunchers, that allow you to crunches the numbers to get an advantage against the house.

Seller and number crunching will allow you to outweigh the house advantage on any individual number, or larger group of numbers, to even out the odds and even out the payout schedules.

However, not only will Selller allow you to do all of the above, but it will do it with some of the most reasonable and least expensive bets in a casino. You won’t find a betting schedule like the one I showed you above, but the discipline you will apply to keeping your bets in alignment to yield the best results will allow you to control your risk and have control over your winnings.

While you’ll find a Selller control system on the subject on page 3 of this article, once you purchase your system and software, you will definitely see an improvement in your game and a big step up in profitability.

If you’re a diamond in the rough, this may be the piece of roulette advice you need to turn your game around. Always consider that no system can guarantee your success, and that systems are evaluation tools to allow you to maximize your profits. Don’t fall into game of roulette betting as easy money making scheme. The contrary. There are a lot of risks you must be aware of with any roulette system you use and in order to stay profitable, you must apply discipline and control.