Craps is another game of chance. Though the game lacks the same drama and camaraderie of Blackjack, it is still a hugely popular casino game. Over the last few decades the odds on Craps has changed dramatically. Today the house has a fairly even advantage over the player, however, it is still a game of chance.

Craps is still played today with three (3) or four (4) dice, however, you will seldom see the roll of the dice used in Craps. The Craps table is constructed with a pair of dice lying face down, and the rest of the table is covered inked in place. Secrets once revealed in Craps have been known for decades and the game itself has seen a sizable rise in its popularity.

The Go Down Rule

The first and most crucial rule in any game of chance is to “Go down with the roll”. In other words, if you have a good hand, but have a poor chance of beating the house, you should keep the chips you have. Many players will try to slide chips into the table in hopes of drawing a large roll, but the casino has eyes in every corner of the table and spots a repeat shooter every ninety seconds. Even with the worst hand, a 30% chance of winning is better than a 1 in 14 chance, so it is still a good bet to take.

The majority of the rules of Craps can be summed up in one sentence: the eleven (11) is the strongest hand and the seven (7) is the weakest. When playing Craps, the strongest hand is the Six (6). Why? Because it is the ultimate hold’em hand and the lowest hand gets the majority of your money! The reason for this is that the Six (6) is the hardest hand to beat than any other hand.

You should play this hand soft or strong. Personally, I recommend playing it soft most of the time and betting aggressively when you have a very good hand. This is because, unlike most other hands, the Six (6) is a hand that can benefit greatly by being played softly. In other words, because the payoff for a soft Six (6) hand is higher than any other hand, the player has a better chance of drawing a profitable card from the deck when the sixth card is turned over.

When playing this hand, you are hoping the dealer has a low (very low) card. The odds are that he will have a card in the Six (6) range. If you have a Six (6) yourself, you chances are the hand will go higher than 12:1. When playing this hand, you are hoping you have enough casino cards in your hand to complete a basic strategy and card counting, although you caniscan counting with only two cards. In either case, when the final card is dealt you must combine a two’s with an ace. As a backup, if you miss the six, use an ace for the same number to complete your hand.

Basic strategy and card counting: to improve your odds on scoring a combined total of 21 or an 18, bet every time you have the advantage and gradually increase your bets as you play further.

The final step on this strategy is to look at the final card before the final round of betting. If the final card is a seven oruary (which is a bad card for the dealer) you should largely Avoid playing this round. That would be the disastrousswing card.

For example, if the final card is six and you have 11 you shoulddecide to hit. Now, if the final card is a 2 and you have 10 you shoulddecide to standSince your original bankroll is intact, you have a good chance of coming out ahead at the end.

If the final card is a 2 and you have a hand worth 10 points, this is a good hand to hit. It is more valuable hands to draw, especially if the dealer has a high card – because the dealer must hit on his second card.

Conversely, if the final card is a 3 – or a 4 – then the situation is desperate and you should hit. Some other considerations:

• If you are at all familiar with the layout of the dealer’s tray, you could play this hand because you have a better chance of winning.

• If the dealer’s upcard is a 4, 5, or 6, and the cards you draw are 6 and you have 11 you should loosely draw and hit. It is good to hit in these circumstances.

• Most players are tribes of gamblers, and the money in the next game is tempting. Therefore, if you are at all familiar with the rules of an online Dewavegas, you should loosely draw and hit.

However, the absoluteBeginner’s strategywork ononline casinoscan be complicated.