We’ve all been there, you’re cleaning out a closet and unearth a box filled with wedding invitations, thank you cards, and bits of paper things that you just can’t bear to part with. But it’s not on display, it’s not being reused, at this point, it straddles the line between turning to dust and clutter. 

As a graphic designer, I know the time and passion that goes into creating printed goods. I love using recycled paper but know that most of the time it isn’t getting recycled. As I faced my own box of stuff when we moved (practically every year) I thought about how I was creating and if I could do something about it. Finding plantable paper changed everything for me. It freed me up to create in a way that minimizes what we throw away and cherishing what we keep. It gave purpose to my work and brought a huge shift in consciousness towards environmental conservation and activism.

While Whole Weddings began as a response to the question of what to do with invitations after the wedding, the answer has turned into so much more than I ever imagined.

It’s growing every day because it’s about building a community. I couldn’t be more excited to be on this adventure with you.

Just start where you are. That’s actually the hardest part! Maybe an eco-lifestyle is one you’ve already chosen to live, and maybe it isn’t. But just the fact that you took the time to look at this page means that it has the ability to be something you care about. Big changes aren’t going to happen overnight but a bunch of small steps can lead us all in the right direction for our future.
RECYCLE | Using recycled products whenever possible is a great first step. Our plantable invitations are a beautiful reminder of the cycles of this earth. Made of 100% PCW materials.
REFUSE | It’s easy to get caught up in what you might think you need for your wedding. But looking deeper into what you’re buying and where it comes from can help you make better choices. Get informed, and if something doesn’t feel right to you, refuse it. Seek out sustainable options whenever possible.
REDUCE | I’m a firm believer that less is more. Being choosy about what you use on your wedding day will not only save you time and money but encourage you to embrace a simpler life and day with more meaning.
REUSE | Plan with reusability in mind. Why only get one use out of something when it can be used over and over! There are so many ways to give things a second life. If it can’t be used again, reevaluate if you really need it.


You don’t have to hug trees or be a minimalist. Stereotyping and labeling don’t help anyone or anything. It shuts down a conversation that could use some open-mindedness. It’s time to dispell the myths around how natural things are seen especially in the wedding industry.

The function of our design uses less paper, but the form can take on any style we can dream up. I love designing in a way that expresses nature in bold, powerful, and adventurous ways. Because those are the qualities I see in it. Nature is full of pattern and color! I try to use these qualities to show what chic sophistication natural forms can inspire.



Love is beautiful, nature is beautiful and stationery is beautiful too. But all of these things can and do go beyond mere beauty. They serve a purpose and intention that inspires, motivates, and communicates connection. My mission is to design in a way that not only showcases what these three do best but how they do it best together. Conscious design requires looking at the form and function of something to fulfill it to its greatest potential. My goals are to create stationery that not only speaks to your family and friends the love you share but does it in a way that is kind to the environment and nourishes acts of kindness and generosity.


Everything in nature is connected. What may seem like a trivial thing can actually be an integral part of a bigger process. I realized early on that the closest connection for me comes in specific forms. I’m not a host-a-workshop kind of girl (yet!) but I love a good one on one, ask me anything forum where we can get to know each other in an accepting space. Our Facebook group has become that space.

I started the group this year because I was craving connection with like-minded souls. I was longing for a place to share without judgment, express my thoughts against a sounding board of people in all stages of a journey somewhat similar to mine.

It’s growing as a place to build a mindful community around approaching weddings differently. Creating a space for couples to learn ways they can make small changes with big environmental impact. And a resource for wedding professionals to move towards sustainable events, encouraging ethical practices and supporting eco-friendly businesses. It is a gathering place to grow, learn, construct and collaborate. A place of positivity and acceptance. Taking to heart the motto of “Doing what we can, with what we have, where we are.” – Theodore Roosevelt