WILD BRIDE GUIDES | Stationery Inspiration from Your Wedding Day Style

WILD BRIDE GUIDES | Stationery Inspiration from Your Wedding Day Style

Today I want to continue the thought I put out on Instagram yesterday about inspiration. It truly can come from anywhere. I find much of it in my natural surroundings. Colors for projects will be inspired by the sunsets in my backyard or the wildflowers growing along the edges of the streets in spring. An interesting pattern might come from a leaf or rock formation. Nature is infused into everything I do because the plantable paper itself is inspiring. Knowing that it will grow beautiful wildflowers urges me to visually express through my design, the stunning transformation it will take after.

Just as I am inspired by these textures and colors, so are other designers, namely in the fashion world. So it’s often not a far reach for me to find inspiration from textiles. A beautiful pattern, embroidery, the shape of a garment and even the smallest details can be the spark of an idea.

So who’s to say that shouldn’t be an inspiration for your wedding day stationery, too!

My dress, shoes, and accessories were some of the first things I bought and it helped me to create a style that carried through to our stationery. My engagement ring has swirls on either side that reminds me of the ocean. When I had my wedding band made I had it shaped to hug the curves underneath and when I wear it alone it looks like waves. The tiered draping along my dress was the inspiration for the illustration of waves I created for the bottom of our invitations.



Here are some tips to find inspiration in your wedding day style.

Overall style of your dress (or even themes in the dresses you like if you haven’t found yours yet.) is a great way to start looking at a style for your invitations. Is it, Romantic, Bold, Modern, Simple, Ornate, or Bohemian? Or even a mix of styles. You can tailor the feel of your stationery with typography and styling that evokes these themes.

Formality of your dress helps set the tone for the day. Shorter length dresses set a casual vibe while a flowing ball gown would be more appropriate for an elegant affair. One of the most important purposes wedding invitations serve, besides providing logistical information, is they help your guests determine the formality of the event. How they should dress, what to expect your wedding day to feel like.

Specific details like lace, beading, bows, and pattern can provide textural or illustrative elements that can be nice additions to simple typography in the style you’ve chosen. I personally love dresses with interesting geometric patterns done in subtle ways. I would be interesting to mimic the design in paper and can then be carried out to other decor items, his attire (like a fun tie!) or even the wedding cake.

Color is a pretty obvious one here but shouldn’t be discounted. A well-chosen color scheme or even a bit of accent color can turn even the simplest stationery into a work of art. Maybe you’ve boldly chosen a unique color or patterned dress, it could be a beautiful way to highlight that in your stationery. Even the color you’ve chosen for lipstick can add a bright punch in the right arrangement.

Shaping and cut of a dress is an often overlooked source of inspiration but it can be the most dramatic. Maybe you’ve chosen a dress with an unusual silhouette or a dramatic back or neckline. Incorporating the shape into it through typography or line drawing that brings the same feel. Is a stunning way to channel the elegance of your style in a subtle way. Only you may grasp the inspiration but the simple detail can bring a sophistication your stationery that guest would subliminally understand.

The point to be gathered here is to look outside the norm for wedding inspiration and creative inspiration in general. Wherever it comes from, promise me you’ll never stop looking for it.

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