What Does a Zero Waste Wedding Look Like?

What Does a Zero Waste Wedding Look Like?

Unlike some only children whose souls crave space and solitude, mine feeds on connection and community with others to grow. I find it difficult sometimes to be a sole business owner because I often need someone to bounce ideas off of, share insight when I’m not sure what my next steps are or a confidence jolt when I feel the weight of doing it all myself. For some of this mostly my husband, friends, family, and fellow professionals have lent me their ears but one of the most surprising sources has been my Facebook Group. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised because what I love about it is it’s created a focus group of sorts. I’m able to learn from the people that could be directly benefiting from my services. It’s a space for us to explore what having a zero waste wedding means, how to create something that could be considered difficult and unattainable, into something meaningful and understood. Because when we understand all of that we can live it and share it.

This week, in particular, the group really helped push the boundaries for me. Ever have a thought or idea that changes the trajectory of your plans? When a member of the group was looking for inspiration photos of zero waste wedding ideas, my mind read into that to mean, “What does a zero waste wedding look like?”

Something flipped a switch in my mind. It’s easy for me to talk about a what a zero waste wedding could look like, theoretically. There are some principles and goals of the zero waste lifestyle that could and should apply to weddings, but how was I helping people with just talk. I of all people, communicating in a visual medium, should be showing them

I could take the easy way out, just pull up others posts of ZW weddings. But I really wanted to do the question justice, for her and myself. In doing so it also brings up so many other questions. Questions that I’m excited to say is starting to give this blog meaning and purpose. Here’s the top 10 I have so far.

How do I apply zero waste principles to my wedding?

Are there ideals zero waste weddings have in common?

How can avoid stereotypes in defining something as unfamiliar as zero waste weddings?

How do I define what a zero waste wedding could be to someone starting a zero waste lifestyle?

How to I create this definition with clarity yet openness?

What would a zero waste wedding look like in the mainstream wedding industry?

Does anything visually resonate with a zero waste wedding, more than other weddings?

Do you have to live a zero waste lifestyle to have a zero waste wedding?

Why does it matter to have a zero waste wedding?

Why visually representing the immaterial nature of zero waste weddings is important?

I guess I could apologize in advance for taking her simple question and running wild with it, but If I want wild ideas to become normal ideas, they have to be discussed with reckless abandon. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m learning too. I came to zero waste long after my wedding so I don’t have personal experience in planning a zero waste wedding. Sometimes we’re going to come into uncharted waters. But I’ve learned a lot along the way and feel that sharing what I’m learning is the only way to grow. So here we go. The future of this blog is here, and I couldn’t be more excited to let it grow wild with #lesswastemorelove!

Feel like I didn’t cover something here? Please comment with any insights you have!

Keep Growing,