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MEET REEF | I ended the Chasing Coral documentary in a puddle of tears because it brought my attention to the deepest ocean life we so often think little of. The bleaching of coral echos what is happening to our world's climate in a real tangible form that we can see. I was blown away by how artistically beautiful coral is even in it's devastation and with dedication and care we can work to bring it back to life. Coincidently, Living Coral is the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year, so with that I hope this highlights the beauty that our awareness can bring. Art is nature - nature is art.

Our invitations are designed a bit differently than what you might be used to seeing. The tri-fold layout is consciously designed to eliminate the need for envelopes (paper that would be likely thrown away) while still holding all the necessary details of your event. We print on handmade seed paper made of fully recycled material, sourced from a solar-run factory in CO. We are passionate about these materials and methods which follow our mission of less waste more love. By sharing this stationery you are telling your guests that you care about growing with them, both personally and literally. The act of planting connects us to nature and encourages us to engage in more actions that are kind to this earth on wedding days and every day.

The AQUA collection seeks to honor our love of water, for not only the beauty it holds but also reminders of this life sustaining resource we need to protect. The cost of this sample will be donated to the Greenlove Foundation, please see the main AQUA collections page for more information about them.

INCLUDES | This purchase includes a single printed sample for you to see the color and quality of our digital printing, feel the textured seed paper, and even plant the invitation before placing a full order. If you're ready to take the next steps in ordering, please fill out our contact form here and we'll be in touch.

Detailed PAPER information + PLANTING instructions can be found here.

Any questions prior to ordering this sample can be made through

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