Inspired by water in all its flowing forms. Celebrating the life it sustains, the renewal it gives, and the beauty it holds.

Proceeds from this collection will go to benefit local organizations focused on water protection, conservation, and education. Ensuring clean, protected environments for marine life and healthy, abundant resources for all humankind.

Our 2020 contributions will be made to the Greenlove Foundation of Newport, Rhode Island in honor of Kendra Bowers, a passionate environmentalist who tragically lost her life at the young age of 19 in a skiing accident. Kendra was an active environmental science student at UVM; her life goals were the “preservation and protection of our land and its resources”. Her families foundation has provided 16 water bottle filling stations installed in schools, parks, and conservation areas throughout RI and beyond! So far, lessening the pollution from 390,538 plastic bottles. They back up this amazing action with youth programs geared toward environmental education and stewardship. We hope that our contributions to their efforts will continue her legacy and encourage the impact she has inspired.