Less time means more concentration, easier decision making, and less fuss.  A faster process is what draws so many to online ordering. But that takes out the human element and our whole goal is to add more connection and community to your amazing day. But you can have the best of both, I promise. When people work together amazing things happen. But you already knew that when you joined forces! So, we’ll harness that power and make the most of our precious time together by sticking to a timeline, getting to the heart of your day, and communicating it with joy and style that’s all yours.

Such a short timeline means it’s best to start when you are prepared with the details of your day (date, time, location), a guest list, and feel comfortable making stylistic decisions. I recommend starting 4-5 months before, as your invitations should be sent out 8-10 weeks in advance.

If you’re local, I’d love to get to know you in person. If not we can arrange phone or skype call.

Weeks 1 + 2
Getting to know you and what unique style I can bring to your stationery. Gathering inspiration from where you are and planning the design around where you want to be.
Weeks 3 + 4
Refining the design till it fits you perfectly. Dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s. Spreading the love to every detail.
Weeks 5 + 6
Printing and production. Putting together a sweet stationery set to be delivered to you. if you’re local we can gush over the final details together.