PLANTING SEEDS | a long journey to get back to a blog

PLANTING SEEDS | a long journey to get back to a blog

There’s a big part of me that likes to get my thoughts out. I wouldn’t say that I’m outspoken; but when I get on a roll with something I’m passionate about, it’s hard to shut me up.

When I talk to people I’m comfortable with, I might blurt out what comes to mind without thinking about it first. Then I’ll think about it (sometimes moments after) and shutter, “Why did that just come out?” Chalk it up to one of the worst Gemini traits. But when I write, the opposite happens and I am mostly satisfied with the way I am presenting my thoughts. So I figure I should start writing more.

If you’ve started following @wholeweddings on Instagram, you’ll notice that I post quite a lot of quotes from others and little phrases that inspire me. They give this business a life beyond what I do. Each phrase is an affirmation and intention I can look back to when I may not feel it.

Whole Weddings, the wedding side of The Nice Paper Co. plantable stationery, is my contribution to a larger conversation about filling weddings with less stuff and more love for ourselves and the environment. I just happen to use paper and design as a language. And this blog, of course! What I’ve created and the materials I use, may not be anything new, but you’d be surprised how often people express it’s something they hadn’t thought of.

I’m excited for Plant Seeds Daily blog to be the new place for me to share. The title is a reminder for myself (and hopefully now you too) to keep growing. Keep planting the seeds you are given, which are the gifts we are given. If we metaphorically plant those gifts into our lives, nurture and appreciate their growth; then we can give away something much bigger and better than we started with. This is how I view our duty on this planet, our purpose, and the ways we utilize our lives. With seeds of kindness, courage, love, strength and so much more.

For some of you, all this mushy talk might make you run away, but I promise that behind all the heart is a lot of practicality. One of the things that really drew me to design is that it was art with a purpose. So I strive for everything I make to have a reason for being the way it is. I want couples to fully appreciate what has been made for their wedding day, and long after it. The best way I know how is to create less waste, utilize sustainable materials to their fullest potential, and change our mindset to what an amazing wedding can look like.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me, this business, and the community we’re building together.

I’m going to fess up right now and share that I’m not so great at keeping blogs going. I’ve had a few before and I’ve sadly lost momentum. I often cringe at the over-sharing concept of social media so I’ve found it best if I only stick to a few platforms. But I’m hoping that a looser format, more focused content on a broader range of topics, and your support will help me keep grounded in this blog. Unlike the name suggests, I probably won’t get to posting daily, but it will be a good reminder for me to cultivate more content and grow this as much as I would any other part of Whole Weddings.

Hope you stay tuned for what is to come.

Keep Growing,


photo: Matt Montgomery