Love the Skin You’re In

Funny thing about birthdays. They eventually start to make you feel older. As a kid, you look forward to them but as an adult, they are a reminder of time. And depending how you view that time can make all the difference. Every birthday, perhaps since mine is in June, is my halfway checkpoint. A marker that makes me evaluate what I’ve done and am doing this year. Often times it’s also my wake up call! But this June feels different. I’m fairly proud with the place I’ve come to and the place I’m headed. It’s like I’ve reached some magical plateau where I’ve stopped beating myself up over the things I could’ve done better and am pushing towards the things I want more of in my life.

I care more about the whole picture and less about the parts.

But that being said, I’m learning more about how the parts contribute to the whole picture. There are parts like my health and well-being that need to be nurtured more. It’s clear to me now more than ever that the whole point is to live the life that’s not just what you think is the best for you, but sincerely look at what science thinks is best for you too. What I think is best for me is unlimited tacos and salted caramel ice cream. But I know that I’d be paying for that someday. So little by little I’m working on training myself to make good choices. Because I know that our bodies and minds are functioning as a product of what choices we make. And while it’s hard to stop a moving train you can add some speed bumps to slow it down.

So far I think I’m at a 70% good, and 30% needs improvement ratio. I’m a firm believer that you CAN and should be rewarded for trying. You won’t (and shouldn’t) get it right all the time but when you do find something that makes you feel good, and science tells you is good. You should latch on to it.

I’ve started to latch on to something that I haven’t given enough weight to for quite some time and that is skincare. Your skin is your largest organ and requires regular maintenance just like the rest of them. It’s a part of my body I’ve often taken for granted. But this birthday I decided to treat my skin to some love.

So my reward was an Ayurvedic facial by Vanessa of VP Artistry! I’d been following (the polite way to say cyber stalking) her for awhile on Instagram and finally got up the nerve to book an appointment.

One of the amazing things about her service is she comes to you! She made me feel so relaxed and calm. Which is a hard thing for me to achieve. It took a lot of patience for me to sit quietly through our session but after awhile I just sort of mellowed out. One of the things that drew me to this particular type of facial is the connection of your energy level, lifestyle and personality to the way your skin behaves. She explained that dosha is your ayurvedic body type.  I have a pitta dosha of high energy and metabolism which lends itself to a combination of oily and dry type skin. The masks, serums and oils she uses by Solavedi Organics not only felt amazing but the smell of herbs and flowers was heavenly. All of their products are derived from natural ingredients and food grade essential oils. The more I’ve been reading about Ayurveda the more I am drawn to it as it promotes complete whole living, not just topical skin care. It makes complete sense to me to approach skincare not just from the outside (no pun intended) but that what you eat, your stress level, your energy level and your environment can help your skin just as much as what you put on to it. This inside out and outside in method is one that applies to so many facets of our lives.


We talked about how wonderful this would be for bachelorette parties or just pampering the bride to be. Who knows, maybe we’ll partner for a #WildBride giveaway sometime.

Taking time to value yourself just as much as you value others is what makes life worth living. Being the best version of myself, who is kind, strong, caring and grateful for this earth and the people on it, is my ultimate goal (and hopefully yours too).  If this year has taught me anything is that good health both mentally and physically can buy you time. More birthdays, to love and learn from, and more opportunities to make amazing things happen!

Thank you Vanessa for sharing your gifts with me. Your light and love shines bright!

Please share the love and plant seeds daily!


Keep Growing,



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