My label as a Gemini says a lot. I live and work well at finding the balance between often very different things. And it’s a good thing for my marriage because my husband Rob and I couldn’t be more different.

It’s this balance that drew me to design. What I love about it is the connection between art and communication, form and function. It has become my mission to serve both in what I create and how I create it. Doing so with a mindfulness to nature and love for others. Living by the mantra of doing what I can, with what I have, where I am.

I consider my personality traits a strength because they allow me to see what makes you and your partner perfectly fit for each other. And I get to use that information to craft stationery that is a beautiful reflection of you, regardless of how opposite you could be.

And if you’re anything like us, then you’ll feel right at home.


I went to school for graphic design because I knew I wanted to get involved in something artistic but I didn’t have a clue what to focus on. It was a direction to go in when everything else didn’t seem like a good fit. And school was a beautiful bubble, of creativity and purpose. As expected, the real world burst it and I yo-yo-ed between all kinds of design jobs (working for sign makers, manufacturers, retail chains, freelancing) and not design jobs (art store, grocery store, and flower shop which I’m still at part-time). Four years ago, I saw a high school friend was working on a styled shoot, and on a whim asked if I could design some stationery. I had designed my own wedding invitations and really enjoyed the process. This realm of designing was new and exciting from what I had been doing in the corporate world. When I started creating stationery I was using the techniques and materials I had been taught in print design.  Over time (albeit a short time) the way I designed started changing.

While I loved creating all the little pieces (invite, rsvp, save the date, menu, program, seating chart, escort cards, tags; the list goes on) I kept thinking about how these were just going into the trash when the day was done. Like most people, I too kept the invitations from my friends and families weddings, until it was just too much clutter.

Couple this with the fact we had moved 4 times in the 5 years we’ve been married, made me really evaluate all our stuff. All it takes is one move to take stock of what you keep, what you use, and ultimately what you need. But the last move specifically, when we downsized a lot, was what made the biggest impression. It really got me thinking about where our stuff ultimately ends up (a landfill) and started me on a path to making less trash, owning less, and living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

I’m grateful for the path my life has taken in the last few years. It’s introduced me to some amazing people. feel lighter and intentional and it has given me a greater sense of purpose. It’s changed my perspective; it’s changed my business. Making my way to plantable paper was a complete change. It’s made me rethink what I thought about recycling and being eco-friendly. The change in my business was an affirmation that others felt the same way as I did. It lit a fire in me for weddings (and a life) filled with more heart, and less stuff.

You never know where curiosity will lead you. So let it take you to amazing places!

Much love and growth,