Get back on track with a GOAL MAP

Fortunately, we aren’t robots. Well if you asked my husband he’d say, unfortunately, but I’ll leave his theories for another time. I mean that we are built to live life in whatever way it comes, we aren’t programmed to carry out our lives in a linear path. And what makes that path so amazing is that we have the ability to make choices. I’ve been devouring a lot of self-help and business books lately so I’m sure it’s rubbing off, but it’s fired me up to work towards my goals instead of just existing alongside them.

Of the podcasts, live streams, books and blog posts I’ve read about setting and achieving goals, lots of common threads weaved among them. And rather than write a lengthy post about everything I’ve gathered, I thought it best to design it and put it to use. So here you’ll find my GOAL MAP available for download as a free editable pdf or really embed it in your mind by physically writing it out and looking at it every day! I’ve utilized Ryman Eco to use 30% less ink if you do print it. It’s awesome, go read the post about it.

But back to the sheets. There’s lots of good stuff here! I can’t wait to see how you use it. Please share in the comments if and how it worked for you, anything that needs clarification or alteration. These guides are something I’d like to keep doing, so if you have any requests or recommendations for them, write down below!

Oh and unlike I show in these pictures, write it out in pen. Once you commit to it, don’t give yourself the ability to erase and alter it. You can do whatever you want to do. I know that sounds super corny but we are powerful when we set our minds to something, so don’t undervalue your awesomeness!

Keep Growing,