Dapper white suits and even brighter smiles, Gary and Adrian’s day looked heavenly. Family was at the heart of it and I am beyond blessed to have been the one chosen to invite them. 

Wedding day photos taken by a family photographer. 

They are a couple that know what they want. In each other and the vision they had for their wedding day.

Couples often apologize for feeling particular or perfectionist but I feel honored when couples approach me with such clarity.  Their enthusiasm and straightforwardness shows that they’re willing to trust me with a part of their day that is important to them. 

They chose the beautiful, historical Keeler Tavern Museum in Ridgefield as the space for their ceremony and reception, with an after party at the sophisticated Hotel Zero Degrees. So blending the two styles was a fun challenge. Flowing calligraphic type for their names lent an antique feel balanced with a modern simple design for the rest of the suite. A marble background was the perfect texture to give an old world style but also carry the cool vibe of the hotel into it.

Stationery photography by Annalise Sheridan Photography

I love working with textures like this printed on the seed paper. I always urge clients to work with the texture of the paper and not try and fight it. Full flat color can be achieved but actually having more dimension makes the piece really shine.

Speaking of shine, they initially wanted gold metallic lettering, but unfortunately their are some limitations to this paper and how we use it. Letterpress would allow for metallic ink but I feared it would crush the seeds and impact how well it would grow. So I commissioned Patrick Carroll Designs to create a custom stamp of their ivy monogram logo so they could use metallic ink. It ultimately didn’t have the right look and we printed the logo instead, but they have a beautiful stamp to use on thank you notes and future stationery. Patrick was also able to use the logo to create a custom cake topper out of laser carved wood.

This photo’s by me.

The monogram, designed by a friend, was the one part of the design that they had coming into it, and I just loved the meaning of the ivy plant as friendship, connection, and bonding. Aptly given because ivy grows long and winding, attaching itself to structures, weaving in and around things, and traveling from one plant to the next often binding the plants together. Such a perfect symbol for the intertwining of lives and love in marriage. I couldn’t resist gifting them an ivy plant at our last meeting to give them the printed invitations. 

Interesting thing about how we met. They found my business though a Google search but ironically they live down the street from where we used to live in Vernon before moving to Woodbury the year before. We missed being neighbors by a little more than 6 months! How crazy is that? I love that it gave us a great way to connect, sharing our favorite places to eat and things to do in that area. 

Their love of food and combined Puerto Rican heritage also made for an amazing selection of dishes on their menu by Some Tings Fishy Catering. I’m so glad they chose to showcase it in this way and the card served as table numbers as well. I love multi-use stationery and if I had herb paper at the time it would have certainly been the perfect paper to compliment it.

I hope you enjoyed their Stationery Story, digging a little deeper into our couples day and hearing some behind the scenes details of how their stationery came together. I’m so happy to have been a part of their lives for a moment in time and I’ll leave you with their thoughts on working together. 

We had our invitations designed by Kendra. We really wanted a unique wedding invitation that was made from recycled materials, so we came across Whole Weddings on the internet and found her plantable invitations. Kendra was a pleasure to work with, we had an idea of what we wanted, but the invitations exceeded our expectations. Our guests loved the invitations and think it’s awesome they can plant them. She even went out to get the stamps I wanted! We are looking forward to working with Kendra again and would highly recommend her!

Gary Santiago + Adrian Torres

Wishing them a happy first anniversary today and lifetime of love!

Keep Growing,