Deana + Christopher | STATIONERY STORIES | Part 2

I’m back with these cuties to share a little bit more of the stationery we created for them. If you haven’t had a chance to check out their wedding stationery head to Part 1. With such a big circle of family and friends, their parents planned an after party to celebrate their marriage with the whole gang! 

Elizabeth Grant Photography was there to share another sunny day with these two and capture the summer love!

Elizabeth Grant Photography

Keeping with the bright palette of their wedding and of course those summer vibes I added bold watercolor swashes to add movement and fun to these invitation postcards! The popsicle postage stamps were a perfect fit for the warm weather and even were scratch and sniff to smell like fruit!

Sourinho Photography

Deana shared her Pinterest board with for inspiration and it is titled ‘This is for keeps.’ which I think is such a sweet caption. I didn’t know at the time if we’d be able to use it but I jumped for it as soon as I could. I thought a variation of it for the front of the card would be perfect; iinviting guests to share in their celebration of love that’s for keeps!

And to top it off she surprised Chris with beautiful keepsake box with the same phrase engraved on the front in the type we carried from their invitations through all the stationery created for their day.

Again I hope my words can express how amazing Deana, Chris and all the couples I work with are! Thank you again for choosing to let me create plantable stationery magic for you. It was a blast!

I hope your guests will keep loving on the wildflowers and herbs that grow from your stationery and celebrate you in all that blooms.

Elizabeth Grant Photography

Keep Growing,

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