Deana + Christopher | STATIONERY STORIES | Part 1

Deana and Chris met me at Heirloom Market at Comstock Ferre a natural foods cafe and seed store (I mean how perfect is that!) for our first meeting, they walked up to the table with a comforting laid back energy that immediately put my nerves at ease. Similarly styled glasses and all, perfectly coiffed hair (to later find out Deana’s a hairdresser), juice jars in hands and equally smiling from ear to ear. Way too cool for me but couldn’t have been more perfectly matched to each other.

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It felt serendipitous that we had the chance to work together. They had already sent out their wedding invitations but upon seeing my work, they reached out. And I’m so honored that they did. It was a unique opportunity to work exclusively on day-of stationery. Something I don’t often get to do because most of the time it starts with an invitation suite and branches out from there. So to work strictly on designs with the sole focus of communicating their love and appreciation for their guests on the day was something special. It let me dig a bit deeper and create the type of meaningful stationery that I love to do. 

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What I love about this couple most is that they lead with their hearts. Their values shine a light through everything they do and are. It’s refreshing to be with people that are so purely genuine and honest about what is important to them without compromise. I knew immediately upon meeting them that they held the same values as I do about our responsibility on and to this earth. To love all living things deeply. Being more than considerate of the nature surrounding us but to live in active connection to it.

Elizabeth Grant Photography

I love letting nature guide the direction of a couples stationery. Drawing from Deana’s gorgeous bouquet by Emily Herzig Floral Studio for the illustrations of greenery that scattered around their thank you place cards. They added the perfect touch of color and interest to her already gorgeous table settings. The herb seeded paper which grows parsley, chives and basil, could not have been more perfect to compliment the vibrant vegan meal prepared by Eating With Max they were treated to.  Planting these cards nourishes not only an emotional attachment to the first meal they’ve shared newly married but an edible gift to enjoy for many meals to come. I love when couple’s guests reach out to show me what they’ve grown. Such a blessing. 

Alyssa Jean Signature Events put together such an eclectic space of colorful, new and vintage boho decor that really captures the fun side of this bright couple. 

Elizabeth Grant Photography

They took extra care to see that their guests felt welcomed and loved as they shared in their beautiful day. Which is truly a testament to the thoughtful and kindhearted people that Deana and Chris are. When they sent me the lyrics to their first dance song (Tus Pies by Nahko and Medicine for the People) I cried. And for anyone who knows me, I am not a crier. Not only did it seem to capture their feelings perfectly but it gave me a true sense of the deep love, vulnerability, and open hearts that this couple has for each other and the world around them. They chose to highlight these lyrics on the back of each place card so guests could share in the sentimentality of those words with them.

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The warmth and appreciation for their loved ones started the moment they arrived. Welcoming guests to their intimate and stunning venue, FarAway Pond in Dalton, New Hampshire, with a postcard reminiscent of the stunning landscape that lay in store for them. Lush dense acres of forest, set above a shimmering pond in the summer sun with expansive views of Mt. Washington in the distance.

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Because of it’s remote location accessed only by winding back roads, an illustrated map provided all the necessary information to get guests there easily. So remote in fact that Google maps didn’t even give enough information to make it clear but a direct call to the venue and they were able to help me design a map a perfect guide for their guests.

When they first showed me a few images they had taken of the area, I immediately knew we had to create something with this bridge. Not only is it the sweetest path to cross but bridges are such a powerful metaphor for marriage. A meeting place, a resting place, a connection from here to there. 

The bridging of these two families also warrants a second post because they celebrated twice, with a fun after party!

So check out tomorrows (much smaller) post where I share about the stationery we created for that! 

Thank you to Deana + Christopher for letting me share this day with you. I am beyond grateful that we were brought together and for our continued friendship. 

Big thanks to Elizabeth Grant Photography for so beautifully capturing their day! She’s just amazing! And Monique of Sourinho Photography for capturing the extra details. You rock!

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