Connection is Contagious

Connection is Contagious

I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship. 

Brené Brown

If you believe in Brené’s definition like I do then everything about the Corey Lynn Tucker Workshop was Just that – connected. I’m a firm believer in the law of attraction, preparing your mind with gratitude and intention for what you want to achieve, and then pushing past the fear to get there.

When she asked me to be a part of it, I didn’t hesitate. Not only because she’s my friend, and inspires me with pretty much everything she does, but mostly because I was too afraid not to. I knew it was a step I needed, a chance to stretch a bit more, enter a different space, all of which was an opportunity that my gut wouldn’t let me ignore.

The easy part was creating stationery for the photographers to shoot. It didn’t take much to get creatively inspired. The Moroccan styling and jeweled color palette was an immediate attraction for this pattern loving  designer. I couldn’t resist!

Then they (Corey and Chelsea of Pearl Weddings + Events) asked if I would teach about flat lay styling. A new role for me. My fear of public speaking surfaced but I said yes and committed to working through it. Every fear went away when I met the bright eyed photographers eager to learn. 

They reminded me of why I love what I do. Why being involved in photo shoots is such a rush for me. They took me back to the first shoot I ever joined. I had no experience other than my own wedding and on a whim I asked to be a part of it. No real business, no idea of what I was doing,  but my gut told me to be there. I think back at times about how crazy it was for me to enter an environment I knew nothing about and just show up. But I saw something that in what they were doing – connection.

Like Brené’s definition it made me feel seen, valued, received. I was welcomed without judgement of my non-experience and gained confidence from that day to keep going. Ironically it’s also how I met Corey,  and we’ve been collaborating ever since. 

A chain starts to form as you meet and work with more people. They recommend and share your work to others, ask you to get involved in more projects and collaborations. The connections spread and grow, sometimes in ways that feel like living things. You build a network of trust, joy, patience, vulnerability, faith, compassion, respect for and with these people that just keeps getting bigger and better.


It’s our human nature to crave it. What I love so much about the collaboration of styled shoots and workshops is the opportunity to see how we all see the same situation differently. Through our own unique perspective, our talents, our strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately our connection to it. 

When we shared photos after is was so amazing to see how each person arranged the scene in a new way.

For creative people, I think connection gives us permission to create. It’s what says, “I’ve got you” when you feel uninspired or doubtful about what you create. It helps us step outside our comfort zone and build relationships that pull us through some tough creative stages. It can ignite a fire of creativity in you when you allow yourself to be inspired by those around you. 

Even many of the introverted creatives I know have told me that collaborations were some of the best things they could have done for themselves and their businesses. To me that proves we need connection. Maybe it’s not always big and loud and filled with tons of people and activity like a workshop or styled shoot like this, but being with a tribe (however small) of people you can share your creativity with is almost essential to you making it.

All photos in this post by Corey Lynn Tucker Photography

This workshop gave me the confidence I needed to move forward on my own photo shoot which I did last month and you’ll see here soon. Getting introduced into a bit of a teaching role also helped me make the leap into planning that. Every experience that you make, grows on itself and gets you a little further down the path. 

Our desire to share and communicate is essential to who we are as women. The more we can use that at a propelling force in our lives to do what we love, the better. To support and uplift each other is how we all rise and succeed. 

Connection is contagious in every relationship we have from forming friends, to finding a partner, to building working relationships. The law of attraction is real my friends. The energy that we put out into the world will come back to us in the people we meet and the connections we make. 

Allow yourself to get caught up in making connections. Talk to strangers every now and then, get in a deep conversation with someone close to you, have friends over for dinner, talk about your first date fears with your partner. Allow your connections to be the best thing about you. Let them be the stories that you love to tell.

Jess Cremins made this amazing video that gorgeously sums up the day, take a look!

Jess Cremins Photo &Video

I want to thank each and every one that was a part of this amazing day. Their contagious joy and creativity has left a permanent mark on me and this journey. See this post on Instagram for links to each creative. Be sure to check out these amazing people and get ready to be inspired by them as I am.

Keep Growing,