Whole Weddings has grown out of owner + designer Kendra Meany’s love for art and nature. Based in rural Connecticut, the local landscape of mountains, rivers and wooded paths provide an endless source of inspiration.

Big believers that wedding stationery should be the marriage of style and sustainability. Hand-drawn illustrations, bold typography, textural patterns and colors extracted from nature itself are the staples of our style. Our collections of invitations, day-of details, and post-event stationery are influenced and inspired by the conservation of our natural resources.

Striving to use as many biodegradable and compostable materials as possible, as we continue to grow we hope to expand in that area. The core of our work utilizes handmade, plantable wildflower and herb seed paper. Through this material, we’re able to capture something that gets lost in traditional stationery. Instead of throwing the paper away, it’s able to get a second life in beautiful blooms. Giving us a deeper appreciation for the resources that paper comes from and offering a physical connection to the earth that seems to be lessening these days.

Our approach to design is a conscious one, favoring the functional while eliminating the unnecessary. The postcard and tri-fold layouts of our invitations are intentional to eliminate the need for envelopes. Very rarely does something we create serve a single function, taking great pride in our “swiss-army knife” approach to the details. The wackier the idea the better! If there’s a way to use an environmentally friendly material in a new and unique way, we’re always game to explore it.

Our couples care as much about the environment as we do, spending much of their time exploring nature’s wild landscapes, advocating for healthier options in their communities, and investing in their values. They are excited to give their guests unique stationery, that goes beyond just being lovely to look at but communicates with purpose and intention.


Less Waste More Love has become our rally cry. In pushing the stationery boundaries bit by bit we hope to influence wedding culture towards zero waste. To be a voice for weddings that support local economies, come together for causes fueled by love, embrace ethical values and work towards weddings that change the world.